DIY or an Experienced Professional?

DIY or an Experienced Professional?
by: Allie Perez
This one’s easy. Let’s set the stage:
  • You’re at your home or office, relaxing or working, and you experience a plumbing issue.
  • Research the problem (investigate the issue online or you drive to your local hardware store for advice from the salesperson who is not required to have any licensing or certifications.
  • Purchase the parts and tools (tools are expensive) at retail price and account for at least one return trip because you:
    • A. Need more parts or an additional tool
    • B. You got the wrong stuff 
  • Return to the issue and attempt to fix it while using your phone or “a dummy’s guide” spending an inestimable amount of time solving the issue.
There are only one of two outcomes possible:
  1. Fixed – great! No warranty on labor
  2. Still broken: repeat above steps and pay for someone else to come fix it
Hire an experienced, licensed and insured professional. 
  • Research and call a professional who has acquired at least four years of skilled trade on the job training and is licensed and certified through the state and state board.
  • Spend a minimal amount of time in consultation about the issue. They explain what needs to be done and for what price. You agree to pay it. They fix it. It’s done. If there are any issues, doubtful (remember the training), it typically falls under warranty.
The choice is yours. Some people enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they were able to repair their home themselves. Personally, I leave it to the professionals.  

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